Itching? Eczema? Mud fever?
Mycosis? Mites? Wounds?
We have the Solution!







Dermaxin is a skin and wound care ointment which offers the natural solution against a variety of skin irritations.

Areas of application


✔ Itching
✔ Eczema
✔ Mycosis
✔ Mites
✔ Cuts, grazes, bites, small and big wounds
✔ Burns
✔ Pruritus
✔ Moisturising
✔ For any type of skin irritations


Dermaxin is insect repellent and ensures flies and insects such as the black fly can no longer penetrate the skin, thus allowing a perfect healing process.
Dermaxin helps in a natural way thanks to the healing power of plants without the addition of any pharmaceuticals such as cortisone!
Dermaxin relieves itching, disinfects wounds and prevents formation of crusts..



















































Mode of Use

Clean the affected area (itching, eczema, mites, wounds, mycosis) with a soft shampoo (e.g. baby shampoo). Apply a thin layer of ointment and massage into the skin. Dermaxin forms a protective layer, relieves itching and prevents infections caused by insects. The active ingredients of the ointment penetrate continuously into the skin, allowing the healing properties of the plants to come to their fullest extent.


– Because of the many essential oils, do not apply in high temperatures and strong sunlight.

“We recommend a daily treatment in the evening hours”

Triple effect

Dermaxin combines protecting and healing ingredients of three natural plants. Each plant can release its optimal effect because of our unique formula and therefore offers a threefold caring effect.

  • Marigold with its anti-inflammatory, astringent and antibacterial properties.
  • Tea tree with its antimicrobial, wound-healing and anti-itching effect.
  • St. John’s wort with its astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties..


Dermaxin’s recipe has been passed on for four generations and has been developed into the perfectly balanced natural ointment.

The original formula of great-grandmother Steffi has now been perfectionized and put on the market by her great-grandson who is equine podiatrist by profession. An ideal product for daily use and skin care.

Convince yourself of the healing power of plants and order Dermaxin now


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